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Tel Aviv Museum of Art — Israel’s first art museum, founded in 1932 — is a leading and influential institution dedicated to the preservation and display of modern and contemporary art from Israel and abroad. The Museum is a critical agent for the arts and culture in Israel, offering its visitors a multicultural experience. An active part of the vibrant metropolis, it is a must-visit for international and local crowds.

The Museum's primary mission is to collect, preserve, and display modern and contemporary art by Israeli and international artists.

The Museum aims to stimulate cultural and artistic dialogue between past and present, and to explore both canonical art and experimental endeavors.

The Museum offers a dynamic experience that encompasses the visual arts, design, architecture, performance, music, film, and theater.

The Museum is committed to cultivating a contemporary artistic and cultural environment that is accessible to a wide range of audiences.

The Museum's educational program aims to inspire new ways of learning with and through art, and to foster engagement with a new generation of museum goers.

The Museum is an Israeli bastion of modernity and openness. This finds expression in its location, architecture, collections, and exhibition and event program.